The SPIE Oil & Gas Services, sponsor of the event, will be receiving curriculums, at the reception of the Congress Centre, from students of Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico who are possibly interested in an internship at the company. Dr Marie Lefèvre, a member of SPIE Oil & Gas Services, will be present to clarify any questions the students may have. Engineer Maurícia Ribeiro, a former student of DEQB-IST conducting the final stage of progress in the company and which now belongs to the tables, will also be present.

Video presentation of the company


Closing the panel oon Nanotechnology and Bioinformatics, it was announced a new MSc in System's Biology, for students who have completed the 1st cycle in Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering, among other degrees. This MSc is the result of a partnership between the institutions KTH, TKK and STIs. For more information see the website.
Chairman of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Chairman of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Professor Dr. Francisco Lemos announced at the Opening Ceremony of JEQB2010, in firsthand, that the creation of a portfolio discipline is being studied for next year, in which it may be possible, among other initiatives and activities, to give credit to the students involved in organizing the conference. With this measure, students are recognized for their commitment and effort to bring this event of excellence and prestige to the community.
JEQB 2010

Check your presence at the morning panels of JEQB chemistry’s block, in which will participate distinguished personalities from the academic community in Portugal. Thursday at 9:30 AM, takes place the panel on sustainability, where Professor Clemente Pedro Nunes and Professor Francisco Nunes Correia (Minister of Environment of the previous government) will participate. Friday, also at 9.30AM, the panel on research counts with the presence of Professor João Sentieiro, President of the Foundation for Science and Technology. For more information see the program.
Coro UTL

In this edition of JEQB, UTL’s Choir performs a closing concert. The Choir of Technical University of Lisbon (UTL) was founded in 1980, directed by Maestro Pedro Faro. Since 1999, the choir is directed by Maestro Jorge Alves and incorporates elements from many different fields, in particular the UTL’s academic community, which share a common passion for music. It is currently composed of 36 elements. For more information please visit the website.
SPIE Oil & Gas Services

SPIE Oil & Gas Services, a specialist subsidiary of the SPIE Group is an international company providing services to the oil and gas industry. SPIE Oil & Gas Services is currently established in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and can call on the services of 3800 trained, loyal and valued individuals in 24 countries across five major business lines, including well services, systems integration, expertise services, competence development and asset support. For more information please visit the website.
Doutor Luís Portela Dr. Guy Villax

Wednesday at 2pm Doutor Luís Portela, CEO and President of BIAL, and Dr. Guy Villax, CEO of Hovione will take part on the Pharmaceutical Industry’s panel. The ticket to this exceptional panel will be offered with the purchase of one of the two Block available, so all the attendees will be able to obtain a firsthand presentation by these two outstanding professionals of the pharmaceutical sector.
Águas de Portugal

The JEQB has the sponsorship of the AdP Group: The Group’s goal is to protect and value the natural and human environment. The main activities of the Águas de Portugal Group include water collection, treatment, storage and supply, and collection, treatment and disposal of urban and industrial wastewater. The Group contributes so for the sustainable development of Portugal. For more information please visit the website.

This year the Iberol Company has accepted the challenge of supporting the event. Iberol is a Portuguese-owned company, whose main activity consists in processing pulses into seed cake and vegetable oils, and production of biofuels, namely biodiesel. For more information please visit the website.

Linde Sogás confirms their support of the JEQB2010: The company’s gases are distributed over more than 50 countries all over the world. The industrial gases are used in a variety of areas, such as in metalwork and metal processing, in metallurgy, chemistry and refinery. This multinational company has over a century of experience for it was created in 1902 by Carl Von Linde. For more information please visit the website.

REN Company has again agreed to support the JEQB, has it has done in previous years. REN is engaged in two principal lines of business: electricity transmission, where it owns and operates Portugal's national high-voltage electricity transmission network (the "RNT"), and natural gas, where it is engaged in the reception, storage and regasification of liquefied natural gas ("LNG"), the operation of the national high-pressure gas transmission network, and the underground storage of natural gas. For more information please visit the website.

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